Welcome! Our research focuses on the impact of natural disturbances and global environmental change on mesic and arid grassland ecosystems. We are particularly interested in the interactive effects of fire, grazing and drought in mesic grasslands in North America and South Africa, and how rainfall variability, temperature change, and shrub encroachment affect aridland ecosystems in the southwestern US.

Laura Ladwig successfully defends her dissertation and accepts a postdoc position at Wisconsin!

Everyone please congratulate Dr Laura Ladwig after a wonder departmental seminar attended by a large audience followed by a successful defense of her dissertation research. Laura plans to get the rest of her chapters submitted for publication before leaving for a work environment with higher mean annual rainfall. And she has successfully fulfilled that goal! Laura, who just happens to be from Wisconsin and a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, will start a postdoc with Ellen Damschen at the University of Wisconsin on 1 July! Three Cheers!

Changing of the guard

Well, all good things must come to a transition! The Sevilleta LTER renewal proposal was successfully submitted to NSF on 14 March 2014. Will Pockman cheerfully agreed to step in as the next PI. We have a new, broader conceptual framework and expanded our research up in elevation. After 12 years it is time for someone else to set the boundaries and goals and deal with the adminisphere. Let's hope the reviewers like what we want to do.

2014 Sevilleta LTER Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program

The Sevilleta LTER is seeking applicants for Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU).  Application deadline is March 10, 2014.  We are looking for 10 Biology REU and 2 Art in Ecology REU students for the Summer of 2014.

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